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Night Photography Exposure Cheat Sheet

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Art 137

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Guest Speaker / Extra Credit – K. C. Alfred, Sept 12th, 7 p.m., room 571.

K. C. Alfred will be a guest speaker in the Art 211 class this Thursday, Sept 12th, 7 p.m. The talk will be in room 571.  He is known for his amazing sports photography, portraits,  and he is also a general assignment photographer on staff at the U-T. http://www.kcalfred.com/

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Open Classes

Looking for a photography or digital imaging class? Check out these open sections: ART 138 ADVANCED DIGITAL IMAGING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, ART, AND GRAPHICS3 UnitsFee: $15. [Prerequisite: ART 192 or equivalent. Recommended Concurrent Enrollment: ART 138L. Recommended Preparation: Advanced skills on Macintosh computers, Adobe Photoshop, and advanced photographic skills.] Presents advanced techniques in the use of Adobe Photoshop with an emphasis on the production of photographic images. Introduces color calibration, color theory and the use of the zone system for precise control of digital output. Students will apply these concepts to the production of a portfolio of digital photographs. [D; CSU] Open Sections: 01, MW 9-00am to 11:50am ART 156 HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY3 UnitsCovers the survey of the history of photography from its invention to its continued use as an art and communication form. Emphasizes the aesthetic and historical influences on photography, as well as photography effects upon society and culture. [D; CSU; UC] Open Sections: 660, Hybrid, TH 6-00pm to 9:50pm, 8 weeks long ART 192 INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL IMAGING3 UnitsFee: $20. [Recommended Concurrent Enrollment: ART 192L.] Introduces digital imaging to graphic artists, artists, and photographers. Covers basic instruction on the digital image, Macintosh computers using Adobe Photoshop software, film and flatbed scanners, and archival printers. Emphasizes the application of technology for image optimization, enhancement, manipulation, composites, and collages. [D; CSU; UC] Open Sections: 03, MW 12:00pm to 2:50pm 60, TTH 6:00pm to 9:50pm ART 205 BEGINNING DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY3 UnitsFee: $15. Grade only. [Recommended Concurrent Enrollment: ART 205L.] Emphasizes aesthetics, content, technical aspects, ways of seeing, and creativity in photography. Explores camera operation, color and grayscale optimization, digital capture, and Camera RAW. Appropriate for students without prior photographic experience. Requires an adjustable digital camera with [...]

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