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Note:  If you look at the calendar, you will see dates with lab time.  The studio is available for 210 students doing 210 projects during class on lab dates.  You must contact Micajah Truitt to reserve studio time in class.  One class session per student available during class related to this project.  Studio sign up is first come / first serve.

Non-studio Examples:

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Photos by:  Catherine Segura, Lisa Ostrowski, and Fidel Cante

Studio Examples:

stu1 limperis_studio1 chrisstudentshow 199B_Studio_B_Sandoval3

Photos by:  Mike Bowie, Brooke Limperis, Antoinette Bonner, and Brenda Sandoval


Files Due: 4/17

Preparation Sheet (Journal) due:  4/17

Lab:  4/17

Crit Date: 4/19


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