Lightroom Handouts by Micajah Truitt

Lightroom CC/6 Catalog_Setup

Lightroom Classic Videos by Micajah Truitt


Histogram Overview

Zoom Features

Tool Bar & Filters

Survey Mode

Solo Mode


File Management & Folder Setup (Before You Begin)

Create A New Lightroom Catalog

Understanding Lightroom Catalogs

Lightroom Catalog Preferences and Settings

Importing Photographs into Lightroom

Working With Collections

Creating Contact Sheets

Develop / Edit Files

Develop Menu Overview

White Balance –  Basic use

White Balance:  Device Comparison

White Balance:  Picking the correct location.

White Balance – Sync Settings 1

White Balance – Sync Settings 2

Basic Menu – Overall Optimization:  Black Point, White Point, White Balance

Basic Menu – Clarity

Basic Menu – Dehaze

Tone & Contrast Menu

Tone & Contrast Menu – Presets

Tone & Contrast Menu – Regional Adjustments

Tone & Contrast Menu – Target Adjustment Tool

Basic Black & White Adjustment

HSL Menu -1

HSL Menu – 2

Detail Menu – Sharpening

Detail Menu – Noise Reduction

Adjustment brush – Basic use

Adjustment Brush – Highlights

Adjustment Brush – Iris Enahance

Adjustment Brush & Graduated Filter

Adjustment Brush – Color

Graduated Filter

Spot Removal Tool

Edit In Presets

Edit In Photoshop For Edit / Master Files

Preparing To Print & Printing

Softproofing in Lightroom

Edit In Photoshop for Print Files

Export Files

Export Files As Catalog

Learn Lightroom 6/CC:  Adobe TV Video Tutorials:

Softproofing in Lightroom CC

Printing Through Lightroom CC