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Lightroom CC/6 Catalog_Setup


Lightroom Classic Videos by Micajah Truitt

File Management & Folder Setup (Before You Begin)

Create A New Lightroom Catalog

Understanding Lightroom Catalogs

Lightroom Catalog Preferences and Settings

Importing Photographs into Lightroom

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Softproofing in Lightroom CC

Printing Through Lightroom CC

Micajah Truitt’s Videos (old but still useful)

Scott Kelby Lightroom CC / 6 Textbook Page

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2015 Lightroom CC Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

2015 Lightroom CC Shortcusts (Full)

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Understanding Lightroom Catalogs

3 Key Tips to understanding the Lightroom 5 Catalog by SLR Lounge

Lightroom Catalog and File Organization by Mark Warren

Lightroom 5 Video Tutorials

Learn Lightroom 5 Adobe T.V.

Lightroom 5 Shortcuts

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Lightroom 5 Shortcuts by Lightroom Queen

Free Lightroom 5 E-Book

Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide by Lightroom Queen