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New Tutorials / Techniques

From Book:


  • Brushes, p. 44 – 48
  • Borders, p. 526





Wacom Tablet

Brush Tool Liquid Emulsion Effect


Using Scanned Frames (Polaroid)


Polaroid Edges

Working with Frames


Custom Borders using Brush Tool


Custom Brushes

  • Brush Ezzy Website:


Related Research:

  1. Try and find old chemical process photographic prints to view to really understand the processes we are trying to simulate:

Holga Cameras, Pinhole Cameras, Toned images, Liquid Emulsion, Optical blurs, Plane of Focus Blurs, Chemical processes

  1. Polaroids:
  1. Film Border Examples:


Original Image:

Edited Image:

Goal:  Mimic Cyanotype with Liquid Emulsion brushed on paper process


  • Convert to grayscale
  • Add Blue hue with Color Balance Adjustment Layer
  • Used mask and brushes to create painterly look on border and image
  • Use Noise Filter to create texture

Student Work:



Que Carson

Files and Journal Due:  9/12

Lab:  9/12 (half class), 9/17

Crit Date:  9/19


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Photo Filter (monochromatic toning)





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